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Organic Boost by PJ Naturals
Organic Boost served in green smoothie

Working out at the gym for hours can drop your stamina. Many individuals complain they don’t have the energy to meet their goals. Fortunately, we have natural energy boosters to jack us up with energy.

But there’s one problem for those who look after their health and care about the quality of supplementation they use. Most pre-workout drinks are loaded with sugar and caffeine. They sure do power you up but affect your blood sugar level at the same time. Don’t fret though, a natural energy booster does exist. As the name implies, they are packed with superfoods and all-natural ingredients to increase your stamina, give an energy boost, and support your workout.

What Are Natural Energy Supplements?

Natural pre workouts, natural energy booster, herbal energy supplements – if you are a natural health enthusiast and physically active person you probably have come across these terms before.  They all mostly mean the same and are used interchangeably to describe natural energy supplements which have no artificial ingredients, flavours or added sugar. They are mostly sold in powder form and often contain a certain amount of caffeine to make you stay active and focused. These natural energy boosters help your muscles relax and increase the metabolism rate to burn calories. Plus, they are healthier than any other supplements out there.

Natural supplements don’t contain synthesized compounds at all. The best quality of a natural pre-workout supplement is that all the ingredients are derived from natural foods which helps your body absorb the nutrients faster. Getting a natural energy supplement that is also organic is always a bonus as it only increases the quality of your supplementation and in effect leaves a positive impact on your health. There are not that many of these out there so if you find a good one, go for it!

Organic Boost by PJ Naturals

How to Choose the Best Natural Pre-Workout?

So are you interested in buying a natural energy booster? Great! If you happen to do a quick Google research, you will come across a list of supplements in a matter of seconds. Which one to choose?

These are some features that make a natural pre-workout drink great:

No Added Sugar

Most herbal and all-natural supplements are sweetened to make them taste good. What you should check is how your drink is sweetened and how much of it is in your supplement. All-natural pre-workout drinks don’t contain sugar. Instead, they commonly have non-caloric sugar substitutes like stevia. Make sure though that the #1 ingredient in your energy supplement is not a sweetener itself as that defeats the objective of a natural energy booster altogether 😊


Make sure your supplement is only made from natural ingredients. Even better, if the natural ingredients are also organic as this guarantees the highest quality of the supplement.

Plant-Based Energetic Ingredients

If you are a vegan, this must be on your list. Look for a supplement with a blend of premium plant based ingredients like guarana, maca root, ceremonial grade matcha green tea, ginseng, spirulina, and more.

Natural Source of Caffeine

Choose supplements with natural sources of caffeine (eg guarana, maca, matcha) to boost your energy and stamina. Just the right amount must be present since too much caffeine can disrupt the sleep pattern. Plus, a high dosage of caffeine can lead to burnout.

A perfectly natural pre-workout supplement will give you all the stamina you need to perform heavy workouts. The best part is you can consume these natural drinks for a general boost in energy too. You don’t have to be a gym buff to take a herbal energy supplement.

Organic Boost by PJ Naturals

Introducing Organic Boost by PJ Naturals

In case you are looking for a recommendation, Organic Boost is an all-organic supplement and a truly natural energy booster. This supplement is a source of clean and sustained energy. It contains Guarana, Maca and Ceremonial Grade Matcha that have been known for 1000s of years for its unique properties that increase energy and focus. Unlike other supplements that are loaded with caffeine, Organic Boost has only half of its amount compared to a typical pre workout and, more importantly, it is a natural caffeine derived from Organic Boost’s energetic herbal ingredients.

With Organic Boost you don’t get a short kick of energy like in the case of caffeine from coffee. Instead, the energy is released slowly and continually throughout the day and without a crash. Take Organic Boost in the morning and you will get through the day without losing stamina!

Organic Boost by PJ Naturals
Organic Boost – Ingredients

No Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners

PJ Naturals strictly follows the ‘no-sugar’ policy. All of its products including Organic Boost are free from any sweeteners. Yes, you read that right – this means not even stevia or other so-called ‘healthy sweeteners’. You may wonder why? At PJ Naturals we believe that refined sugar is not good for anyone and in order to live a healthy lifestyle it is important to lessen our addiction to a ‘sweet taste’. Considering most sweeteners taste sweeter than refined sugar itself, relying on sugar substitutes like stevia doesn’t take you anywhere near your health goals or what we like to call a true ‘sugar freedom’. We do realize this may make our product less popular with some consumers out there but PJ Naturals is not like most brands in the health niche out there either. We really do care about natural health matter and it is our mission to see more customers enjoying their sugar free diet and having more energy in their life.  

Although Organic Boost doesn’t contain any added sugar or artificial sweeteners we have enriched our energetic formula with two nutritious fruits i.e. lucuma and blackcurrant. These fruits are not only known for its nutritious value but also help neutralize the herbal taste of Organic Boost’s ingredients and give a hint of a flavour. We preferred to enrich Organic Boost with as much natural, clean energetic ingredients as possible rather than spoil the formula with just ‘sweetening ingredients’ that maybe taste more palatable but don’t deliver expected energetic results.  Organic Boost is not sweet in taste so if you are new to a sugar free concept, read on to find out our recommendation for a quick and tasty start up on it.

Perfect Blend of Natural Ingredients

Organic Boost is made up of all-natural plant-based herbal superfoods. These include organic guarana, organic maca root, organic blackcurrant, organic lucuma, organic ceremonial grade matcha green tea, organic spirulina and organic ginseng. Our carefully designed formula provides a perfect blend of herbal ingredients known for its natural energetic benefits that can provide you with more sustained energy and focus while at the same time support you in achieving your health goals.

Who Is It For?

Organic Boost is more than pre workout. It’s a natural energy powder drink and not limited to just sports, bodybuilders, or those who work out. It’s for anyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle but needs more energy and focus to get through the day.

If you suffer from tiredness and fatigue, feel free to take Organic Boost. Whether you are a keen gym goer, a busy mum with her hands full on or a busy professional doing long hours, Organic Boost will lift you up, sharpen your focus and ensure you’ll stay on track with whatever life throws at you that day. You will be surprised how much work you would get done in a day with all this new energy. It’s even recommended for students who would like to improve their focus and study hard to ace their exam! No need for a re-fill – just one serving of Organic Boost will carry you through the whole day. 

How to Take Organic Boost?

Just mix the powder in your favorite sugar free juice or a smoothie and best have it in the morning as you will feel its energetic effect for the whole day.

Those who have a busy day or do physical activity are recommended to take 10 grams per day. Those who just want to improve their focus can start with 5 grams per day.

Organic Boost Vs. Other Pre Workout Supplements

Wondering why to choose Organic Boost over other energy supplements on the market? Here’s a quick comparison that should answer most of your questions:

Organic BoostOther Supplements
Caffeine LevelsAll natural caffeine sources (half the amount compared to other sources)High caffeine levels causing jittery effect
Effectivenessthe power and stamina lasts throughout the dayimprove stamina for a few hours only
Ingredientscontains carefully selected premium quality 7 superfoods contain combination of artificial and other ingredients, fillers, agents
SugarNo sugar or artificial sweeteners. Only naturally occurring sugar from two fruit: lucuma and blackcurrantLoaded with artificial sweeteners, maltodextrin and sugar
Organiccertified organic productmost of them are not organic

Final Word

Meeting your fitness goals or increasing energy level doesn’t mean to fill your body up with supplements loaded with sugar and artificial additives. Take charge of your health and only choose natural energy boosters.

Choose Organic Boost by PJ Naturals!

Organic Boost by PJ Naturals